Couples Counselling

couple-counsellingAt BlueSky Psychology our Counsellors understand the importance of happy relationships on one’s well-being. They have post-graduate training in relationship counselling and enjoy helping couples understand and overcome their problems. Our counsellors are Clinically Trained Psychologists who can provide you with expert advice, proven techniques and ‘fool-proof’ strategies of how to maintain lasting and enjoyable relationships.

Our Psychologists have found from years of experience in the field of couples counselling that relationships don’t often fail because of a lack of love. More often couples present for support because they: are struggling to express and listen to each others needs, having trouble resolving issues without fighting, feeling hopeless and out of coping strategies, or because they are spending so much time trying to be heard or defending themselves that they never get to a stage of resolution or problem-solving.

Relationships can struggle at a number of levels, some of which may not be immediately obvious. For instance, you partner may be irritable and emotionally flat because they are suffering from depression, or your partner may be constantly seeking attention, reassurance and demanding lots of time from you because they are suffering anxiety or issues of low self-worth. Or maybe your partner is secretive, at times disappearing, controlling money and experiencing mood swings because of an addiction.

In other words, relationships do not often struggle because of a lack of love, but rather due to issues associated with interpersonal issues and mental health. This is why at BlueSky Psychology our Psychologists will take the time to fully assess your situation and provide you with the necessary support to rebuild your relationship.

We can help you with:
1. Improving communication
2. Processing unresolved issues
3. Developing assertive communication
4. Providing skills in conflict resolution
5. Developing healthy boundaries
6. Promoting optimal parenting strategies to relieve stress at home
7. Developing healthy sexual intimacy
8. Re-establishing trust after infidelity
9. Drug and alcohol counselling
10. Treatment of issues such as depression, anxiety, and addiction

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