Relationship Counselling

At BlueSky Psychology our therapists understand the importance of happy relationships on one’s well-being. Our Psychologists have completed post-graduate training in relationship counselling, and have had extensive experience in assisting couples. They enjoy helping couples understand and overcome relationship problems. Our Psychologists will provide expert advice, proven techniques and ‘fool-proof’ strategies to help you maintain a lasting and enjoyable relationship. Amongst other things you may be offered is training in conflict resolution, anger management, assertive communication, self-esteem building, boundary setting, enhancing a healthy sex life, promoting honesty, and re-establishing trust and fidelity.

If you attend BlueSky Psychology for relationship counselling, you will have the advantage of tapping into the wider skills of your Psychologist. It is not uncommon to find that depression, anxiety, stress, abuse, or even addictions, are are the heart of relationship issues, or are exacerbating relationship conflict. If you think you, or your partner, are struggling with such issues we can offer individual therapy in addition to relationship counselling.

BlueSky Psychology therapists are also experienced in offering couples counselling to gay and lesbian couples, and couples engaging in non-traditional roles.

Please contact us on 08 8212 3944 if you are unclear as to whether we can help you with your particular relationship concerns.