Anger Management

Uncontrolled anger can quickly lead to broken relationships, loneliness, sadness, unemployment, financial concerns, and even a criminal record.

Do you have an issue managing your anger?  Some of the signs of problematic anger are listed here:

  • You often feel angry
  • People close to you are worried about your anger
  • Arguments often end in heated words or behaviours
  • People are fearful of you
  • Anger is leading to problems at work or home
  • You often become angry while driving
  • You become angry very quickly over small matters
  • You are directing your anger onto those close to you

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BlueSky Psychology can provide you with a Psychologist who has extensive experience in the treatment of anger.

You will be treated with dignity and you will not be judged.

We can help you with:

  • understanding the origins of your anger
  • managing the triggers of your anger
  • learning skills to control your anger
  • rebuilding your relationships which have been damaged by anger


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