BPsych(Hons), MclinPsych

Stephen is a Clinical Psychologist who has obtained a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology.

Individuals come from all walks of life, and Stephen has had experience in working together with a range of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. He has had experience treating a range of conditions, including autism spectrum disorders, personality disorders, substance use and psychosis. He has worked with adults, adolescents and children in university clinics and community mental health teams. He has a strong focus on developing therapeutic bonds with clients and working together to achieve mutual goals, and finds particular enjoyment in assisting individuals to identify and live in harmony with their personal values while learning to overcome barriers.

Stephen consults at BlueSky Psychology on Monday to Friday each week, and treats a variety of mental health conditions such as substance use, addiction, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression, anxiety, trauma, chronic pain and suicidality. He has conducted research regarding adolescent sleep and mood, and has a particular passion for healthy living for psychological wellbeing. He also offers relationship counselling using a Gottman couples therapy approach, and enjoys providing a safe space for couples to discuss and work on challenges in their relationships. He is married with young children, and understands many of the challenges presented to relationships by new and unsettling stages of life.

Stephen’s preferred methods of therapy are Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy. He is quick to develop working relationships and will take into careful consideration the needs of each person. He believes that there is space in therapy for fun, playfulness and excitement, and seeks to approach his clients’ individual challenges with a combination of compassionate acceptance and motivated change.